Our Mission:

Help product managers in Vancouver build connections, have fun & make an impact.

We believe that real learning and real networking do not happen at workshops, lectures and seminars. They happen in pubs, coffee shops, at volunteer events and in restaurants.

Vancouver has a number of great product meetups, events and organizations. And yet, we need to do better in terms of social life.

This is where Product Brew comes in. We believe that tech is about people. Product Brew is about bringing these amazing people together.


You are Invited.

We host three types of socials for product professionals in Vancouver.


beer socials (“product brew - nights”)

Come chat and drink with a group of technical product managers, product owners and other types of product folks passionate about growing professionally, networking, and building the PM community in Vancouver. We believe that sharing pains over a glass of beer is an amazing way to find solutions and learn from the reach experience of others. It’s a BYOB (buy your own beer) event.

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coffee socials (“Product brew - mornings”)

We believe that brainstorming ideas over a cup of coffee is a great way to innovate.

If you have some thoughts you want to share with fellow PMs, books you want to discuss or challenges you would like some advice on, join us. It’s a BYOC (buy your own coffee) event.

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volunteer opportunities

We believe that making an impact such as doing a shoreline cleanup or sorting food at Vancouver Food Bank is the best way to network.

One Saturday a month, we are committed to organize an outreach event where product managers can give back to their community.

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Be a part of your community.


Once a month, we send Product Brief - a newsletter about Vancouver product life.

  • announcements of Product Brew beer and coffee socials

  • volunteer opportunities

  • any other events happening in Vancouver that are relevant for product professionals

  • a collection of interesting articles, videos and other cool resources that help you to stay in the loop and learn the best PM practices


Our Team

Faces behind the Product Brew


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